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ZGT-100 – Working at Height Instructor

The programme will provide an insight into the appropriate selection, use and limitations of various types of fall protection equipment as well as teach participants how to relate the importance of harness inspection and donning in your workplace. It includes programme standards, lesson plans, slides, exam keys and a copy of the student manual. This course is delivered in accordance with BS8454 Code of Practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue.

Key Features

Course Duration2 Days

Instructor Ratio8:1

Certification2 Years

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Who's it For?

This course is for corporate in-house trainers and provides them with the technical knowledge and resource materials to enable them to deliver professional working at height safety training to all of their staff.

What's Included?

  • Introduction
  • Legislation overview
  • Fall statistics – latest
  • Risk based approach – hierarchy of measures (avoid, prevent, mitigate)
  • Collective prevention methods
  • Handrails/guardrails
  • Tower scaffolding/podium steps
  • Working platforms/MEWP safety
  • Fall arrest/protection theory and application
  • Mechanics of a fall
  • Work practices – methods
  • Usage of all commercially available fall protection systems
  • Calculating clearances for all systems
  • Fall arrest and fall restraint system training
  • Anchorage components
  • Body harnesses, lanyards and fall arrest blocks
  • Vertical ladder climbing devices
  • Horizontal anchor systems
  • Ladders and step ladder safety
  • Documentation, due diligence and compliance training
  • Tracking and controlling equipment/ inspection logs
  • Student safety during training exercises I Testing and evaluating student performance
  • Practice teaching seminar and activity I Examination theory/practical

Any Requirements?

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS 6302) or similar qualification and ideally, Working at Height Awareness ZGT-01.

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