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This practical course is aimed at people who must access beyond protected areas on telecommunications masts/towers, pylons, scaffolding and similar structures using personal fall protection equipment. Successful delegates are competent to perform work positioning and fall arrest techniques.

Key Features

Course Duration1 day

Instructor Ratio6:1

Certification3 years

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Who's it For?

Any candidate who needs the necessary qualification for working on towers, masts or similar structures.
A version of this course (ZGT-96) is also approved by Arqiva Broadcast Holdings Ltd and in combination with ZGT-97 RF Awareness provides candidates with competence to access Arqiva-controlled sites.

What's Included?

  • UK legislation and best practices for work at height
  • Hazards associated with work at height on towers and masts
  • Management of falling object hazards
  • Hierarchy of control measures for safe workat height
  • Selection of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE)
  • Access and anchor systems including temporary rope lifelines
  • Principles of safe climbing
  • Pre-use inspection of basic PFPE
  • Climbing fixed ladders with installed systems and PFPE
  • Use of work positioning and fall arrest PFPE on open structures

Any Requirements?

Candidates must hold basic climber qualification

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