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ZGT-203 Basic tower climber & Rescue Initial (EUSR & MATS Approved)

This practical course is aimed at persons who must access beyond protected areas on telecommunications masts/towers, pylons and similar structures using personal fall protection equipment. Successful delegates are competent to perform work positioning and fall arrest techniques. Individuals successfully completing the programme qualify for registration on EUSR for Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue.

Key Features

Course Duration3 days

Instructor Ratio6:1

Certification1 year

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Who's it For?

This course is for all individuals whose role requires them to climb masts and towers and work at height. The scheme is for those both new to climbing and rescuing, and those who already work in a relevant role and who are looking to refresh/maintain their level of competence and skill.

What's Included?

  • Introduction, Legislation, Standards & Guidance
  • Hazards associated with work at height on towers and masts
  • Management of falling object hazards
  • Hierarchy of control measures for safe work at height
  • Selection of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE)
  • Access and anchor systems including temporary rope lifelines
  • Principles of safe climbing, knots & uses
  • Pre-use inspection of basic PFPE
  • Climbing fixed ladders with installed systems and PFPE
  • Use of work positioning and fall arrest PFPE on open structures
  • Rescue from lanyards & casualty care
  • written and practical assessment

Any Requirements?

Delegates must bring their own safety footwear and gloves and be physically fit to participate

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