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Aimed at people who must access horizontal rooftops, this practical course uses collective and personal fall protection equipment. Successful delegates are competent to perform work restraint, work positioning and fall arrest techniques as part of rooftop access.

Key Features

Course Duration1 day

Instructor Ratio6:1

Certification3 years

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Who's it For?

Any candidate who needs the necessary qualification for working on roofs.
A version of this course (ZGT-95) is also accredited by Arqiva Broadcast Holdings Ltd and in combination with ZGT-97 RF Awareness provides candidates with competence to access Arqiva-controlled rooftop sites.

What's Included?

  • UK legislation and best practices for work on flat rooftops
  • Hazards associated with rooftop access
  • Safe work near fragile surfaces and unprotected edges
  • Management of falling object hazards
  • Hierarchy of control measures for safe work at height
  • Selection of personal fall protection equipment (PFPE)
  • Pre-use inspection of basic PFPE for rooftop access
  • Practical use of PFPE for work restraint and fall arrest
  • Access to rooftops using fixed and portable ladders

Any Requirements?

There are no requirements for this course.

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