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ZGT-19 Roof Worker Rescue

Aimed at those working at height, this course focuses on workmate rescue and escape training from a rooftop typically found in the workplace. Attendees are taught to assess the situation, and consider all the available options before attempting a rescue.
The techniques taught on this course are designed to be simple, user friendly and easy to remember while not putting the rescuer at risk. Training focuses on lowering and hauling techniques but does not cover abseil rescues.
This course will also equip attendees with the necessary skills required to evacuate personnel from a high structure, platform or equipment during an emergency.

Key Features

Course Duration1 day

Instructor Ratio6:1

Certification2 years

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Who's it For?

This training is aimed at people who are responsible for using personal fall protection equipment that may leave them or their colleagues in suspension requiring rescue.

What's Included?

  • Introduction and course overview I General requirements for rescue I Emergency procedures
  • Dealing with suspension trauma
  • Introduction to the rescue equipment I Equipment inspection and care
  • Rescues
  • Raise
  • Lower
  • Evacuation (if applicable)
  • Avoiding obstructions
  • Use of taglines
  • Casualty management

Any Requirements?

People attending this course must be medically fit and should have had the required training to allow them to work at height in the environment in which the rescue equipment is to be used, such as our ZGT-13 Roof Worker course.

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