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ZGT-39 Rescue – Advanced User

The course will provide the knowledge, skills and understanding to allow candidates to operate safely and effectively during rope rescue activities in their workplace, whether that be a ‘built’ or ‘natural’ environment. The programme includes access to and from the incident site, anchors and rescue system construction and twin-line rescue system operation (both with and without a stretcher).

Key Features

Course Duration3 days

Instructor Ratio4:1

Certification2 years

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Who's it For?

This 3-day course is intended for people working in specialist rescue teams. It concentrates on all aspects of rescue and evacuation from height. Candidates are taught: snatch, strop and stretcher rescues; basic and advanced hauling techniques; use of cableways and Tyroleans.

What's Included?

  • General requirements for rescue I Emergency procedures
  • Introduction to rescue equipment I Equipment inspection and care
  • Anchors, stakes and belays
  • Snatch rescue/cut rescues
  • Cableway/Tyrolean rescues
  • Stretcher rigging and handling
  • Pulley systems and hauling

Any Requirements?

Candidates should have previously completed our Rescue Operative course (ZGT-04) or similar and hold a valid certificate. Those attending should be medically fit to carry out the practical part of the course.

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