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ZGT-151 Working in low risk confined spaces 6150-01

This confined space training course is about entering and working in a low risk environment with adequate natural or mechanical ventilation. The access appears simple and unobstructed and there is no likely risk of flooding (for example; meter pits, valve chambers, stairwells). If the operative is only checking areas no deeper than 1200mm with easy access openings using a gas detector where standing up in an alarm situation would render them safe, they will need to take the 6150-01 course. This only allows for working in NC1 confined spaces.

Key Features

Course Duration1 Day Course

Instructor Ratio8:1

Certification3 Years

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Who's it For?

This Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces Water course is a National Occupational Standard (NOS) for the water industry

What's Included?

  • Definition of a confined space, Water UK NC1-NC4 classifications and Low, Medium, High definitions
  • Specified foreseeable risks
  • Duties under the regulations, including preventing the need f or entry
  • Risk assessment and hazard identification
  • Atmospheric hazards and gases
  • Principles and use of gas detectors
  • Safe systems of work and permits to work
  • Roles, responsibilities and topman/overseer entrant duties
  • Pre use checks, correct donning and adjustment of harness
  • Inspection and applications of tripods, winches and fall a rrest equipment;
  • Practical exercises and assessments

Any Requirements?

Candidates should be physically fit.

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