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ZGT-54 Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos poses a serious threat to health. It is estimated that up to 500,000 non-domestic buildings in the UK contain some form of asbestos and up to 4,000 people die each year as a result of asbestos exposure – and this figure is set to increase.

Key Features

Course Duration4 hours

Instructor Ratio10:1

Certification3 years

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Who's it For?

The course will be of particular interest to those with a direct or indirect responsibility for the management of asbestos in the workplace. The course gives students an understanding and appreciation of the legal and practical requirements to protect themselves, their employees and visitors from the risks associated with asbestos on their premises.

What's Included?

  • Types and properties of asbestos
  • Health effects of exposure to asbestos
  • Uses and likely occurrences of asbestos
  • Identification and location of asbestos in buildings
  • Asbestos containing materials and products
  • Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
  • Asbestos legislative guidance and related
  • Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises
  • Emergency and accident arrangements
  • Licensable work and notification requirements
  • Types of asbestos surveys
  • Avoiding the risks from asbestos
  • Asbestos risk assessments
  • Control measures to prevent exposure
  • Management actions to prevent and reduce exposure
  • Group exercises in asbestos management
  • Selection of asbestos removal contractors
  • Site clearance and certification

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